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    Resources Minecraft Lobby System (Spigot/1.8.X) ☀️

    Laze submitted a new resource: Minecraft Lobby System (Spigot/1.8.X) ☀️ - Big Lobbysystem | All editable in Config | All in One Lobbysystem by Shecky Read more about this resource...
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    Plugins Minecraft Lobby System (Spigot/1.8.X) ☀️ 1.0.2

    Lobbysystem 100% editable in Config Features: All Editable in Config.yml All Permissions in Config.yml Big Teleporter Shop (Heads, Clothes, Special Items) Player Hider (All, YouTuber, Nothing) Friends /Head with Command) Social Media Heads Warps Scoreboard Tablist Motd Auto Message Chat...
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    Omsi 2 Marcopolo G6 1200 Scania k380 2019-10-27

    Description: Bus for intercity routes. Credits: by Hrom201
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    Resources Marcopolo G6 1200 Scania k380

    Laze submitted a new resource: Marcopolo G6 1200 Scania k380 - Omsi 2 Bus Read more about this resource...
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    Resources MyPortfolio | Perfect Portfolio Template 💯

    Laze submitted a new resource: MyPortfolio | Perfect Portfolio Template 💯 - Website Template Read more about this resource...
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    Website MyPortfolio | Perfect Portfolio Template 💯 1.0

    This is a simple webpage for your Portfolio! How to install: 1. Download ZIP file. 2. Install to website hosting 3. Unzip 4. Read Instructions (Editing) Thank you for downloading! I know this is not perfect but at least it's something to help people out. Please make sure to rate! Screenshots...
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    Omsi 2 NEOPLAN N4416 2019-09-15

    Description: After two months the Development of the Neoplan N4416 is now coming to an end. I release the bus only as Solo and in this Version. The rest is work for the nice and good-working modders. I atteched the donwload the knownledge for repaints and the model-files. I say thank you for...
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    Resources NEOPLAN N4416

    Laze submitted a new resource: NEOPLAN N4416 - Omsi 2 Busse Read more about this resource...
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    ETS2 Volvo NH12 2000 edit mjtemdark [1.35.x] 2019-09-15

    Volvo NH12 2000 edit mjtemdark [1.35.x] This mod adds to ETS2 the standalone Volvo NH12 2000, this upgrades the 1.34.x version Changes: – Fix textures error – Adjust grill bars positions – Model converted and prepared for d3d11 – Update def for 1.35 – Add lamp effect on bumper lights...
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    ETS2 Ford F-Max v1.1 ETS2 v1.35 2019-09-15

    Ford F-Max v1.1 ETS2 v1.35 1) Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.35) Sürümüyle uyumludur. 2) İki Şasi Mevcut. (Normal - Midilli) 3) Çeşitli İç Seçenekleri Mevcut. 4) Gerçek F-Max Motor Sesi Var. 5) Gerçek F-Max Göstergesi (Gösterge Tablosu) Mevcut. 7) Mavi Kabin Aydınlatması Mevcuttur. 8) Far...
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    ETS2 ETS2 | Volvo FMX 540 + Interior v1.35 2019-09-15

    Volvo FMX 540 + Interior v1.35 Features truck Volvo FMX 540: - independent truck model - High quality detailed exterior - High quality detailed interior - the model has own interior - the model has own sound - the model has own wheels - the drives is present in the cabin truck - passangers...
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    Graphics Modern Twitter Header Template [PSD] 2019-08-29

    An elegant and modern twitter header template for all to use. How to edit Open photoshop Go to "Open" on the top left Select the file Edit to your liking
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    Server Minecraft Premade SkyPvP Server | v1 2019-08-29

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    Server Minecraft Premade MiniGames Server | v8 8.0

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    Server Minecraft Premade BungeeCord MiniGames Server | v5.5 (outdated) 2019-08-29

    Minecraft Premade BungeeCord Server [OUTDATED] V5.5 | OLD VERSION THIS VERSION WILL BE UPDATED IN THE FUTURE ✔ - Lobby System ✔ - Sign System ✔ - Gadgets System ✔ - BungeeCord ✔ - PermissionsEx ✔ - Clean Design ✔- Custimazable Tab and more and more.... ✔ - BedWars ✔ - BuildUHC ✔ -...
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    Maps Server Lobby/Spawn | Minecraft Map 2019-08-29

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    Maps FFA Map ● Candyland ● | Minecraft Map 2019-08-29

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    Maps FFA-MAP (DEATHMATCH) | Minecraft Map 2019-08-29

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    Maps Olimpo - SkyWars | Minecraft Map 2019-08-29

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    Maps 32 Prison Mines + Spawn | HUGE PACK | HQ |★ 1.9 2019-08-29