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  1. Laze

    Omsi 2 NEOPLAN N4416 2019-09-15

    Description: After two months the Development of the Neoplan N4416 is now coming to an end. I release the bus only as Solo and in this Version. The rest is work for the nice and good-working modders. I atteched the donwload the knownledge for repaints and the model-files. I say thank you for...
  2. Laze

    ETS2 ETS2 | Volvo FMX 540 + Interior v1.35 2019-09-15

    Volvo FMX 540 + Interior v1.35 Features truck Volvo FMX 540: - independent truck model - High quality detailed exterior - High quality detailed interior - the model has own interior - the model has own sound - the model has own wheels - the drives is present in the cabin truck - passangers...